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Roberto Fognini
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Who am I?

A regular guy

My name is Roberto Fognini and it's a pleasure to welcome you here on my page. I am kind of a regular guy, a passionate professional Software and Business Information Engineer, Hobby Musician and Hobby Athlete. 
I was born and raised in Switzerland. My parents are Italian, so I had the honor to grow up with two totally different cultures. That is probably one of the reasons why I am curious and open to all different cultures and countries around the world. I love to interact with people, exchanging experiences and laughing together.
During my free time I am either enjoying quality time with my family and friends, or making and producing music and videos, or just enjoying my life with some sport activities and travelling around the world.

I do really love to play the guitar, piano and I love it to sing along. I am also trying to write songs - but it is kinda hard to compose, produce and launch them with almost no professional experience in the Music industry. The same applies to my skills in Video Production. Over the last years I recorded thousand of Gigabytes of footage and its pretty hard to manage it without a "real plan" on how to use it.

From a professional point of view; I am a proficient Software and Business Information Solution Engineer. I spent the last 20 years of my professional journey working in Business and Information Technology Companies and providing Solutions for Customer in various industries (Health, Public Sector, Government, Finance). My main activities were Consulting and Training People and Organizations, Developing and Evolving Software Products, creating Digital Assets for agile Product Development Practices and working with great Teams all over the world. (Ecuador, Philippines, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Germany and Switzerland)

Why am I here?

I want to be Independent

Beginning of 2020 I decided that is time to get financially more independent and to start my own Digital Business. It took me several month to identity a more or less promising Business Idea. I was looking for something that I am really passionate and talented about. My very first Idea was to create a Youtube Channel where I will publish my Music and Videos. Hoping to somehow earn money via views and Ads. I am very passioned about Music and Video Production - but unfortunately not as talented as I should be to really earn money with. ;)
I soon realized that my contributions are not much of a value added for my potential customers. Which by the way also didnt know. 
However, I started investigating on what successful "Digital Artists" (e.g Bloggers, Vlogger, Musicians, ..) are doing and how they make money with their "Digital Products" (e.g Videos, Music, Articles, Templates, Tutorials, ..) I read a lot of blogs, consumed hours of Videos about how to set up and run a successful "Digital Business". And there it hit me. There are so many information and Technologies out there that you need to know and understand. So many Tips & Tricks on how other Talented and Passioned Peopele do make money with. But I was missing the connections between all these different topics. I am missing a model, a framework - a construction and operating guide that allows me easily to to start earning money with my own Digital Business.
On a side note; I am a very lazy person and I usually strive for the most effective and efficient solution to execute my tasks. I want to be able to focus my precious time on what I really love to do and not spending time on waste.
So, why I am here; I want to build a Smart Digital Solution that allows me and you to easily build, run and evolve a successful Digital Business. A solution that helps us understand and that elaborates answers to:
How do I start my Digital Business?
  • What do I have to consider to be successful with my new Business?
  • How do I ensure that I am on the right path?
  • How can I identify what unique value I can provide to the world
  • How do I create my first digital assets?
  • How can I make money with these products?
  • How does Digital Marketing work?
  • How do I manage the financials of my Business?
  • How can I create a network of self-sustaining Digital Assets to provide me passiv income?
  • What Technology / Plattforms / Tools can and should I use for which purpose?

What do I want?


A Solution

Luckily I spent the last 20 years dealing with all kind of technologies, got educated in business management and product development, I have fundamental knowledge about marketing and an extensive experience in software project management. I am familiar with a variety of models, procedures, frameworks and tools that will come in handy to build a Digital Business.
This puts me in a very advantageous position. But still, there is no red thread I can follow from A-Z. There is no almighty Framework that explains how I can set up a fully scalable agile Digital Business Organization. But I understand all the different puzzle pieces and I know how to connect them.
I am not sure what your academical background and your technical affinity is. But I am sure that the majority of passionate and talented artist do not have the necessary Backback to start a successful Digital Business. And getting help usually costs money or needs a huge amount of their precious time to research and experiment.
I made it my Vision to provide you a Solution that you can use to build and run your own Digital Empire. A Toolkit that will harmonize and orchestrate the creational and operational flow. A model and procedure that you can use to incrementally develop and improve your Digital Business and Digital Products. And lastly, a pattern on how you can plan and monitor your financials.
Stay tuned and follow me on my Journey on building my own Digital Business and providing you with THE SOLUTION on how to evolve your very own Digital Business.
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Professional Experience

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