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 Digital Solution Engineering

Roberto Fognini

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Hi there!


Simplyfing things for you

Enablement of passioned digital artists and creators to evolve digital business models.

Enablement of less digitally and technology affine people to use Information Technology to build, monitor and grow their business.


Connecting the Dots for you

Providing smart Digital Solutions and Services to create, manage, promote and monetize a digital business. Development of a construction and operational model to build and run a profitable Digital Business.


Delivering you one hand experience and proven best practices to do it your own, helping you increasing effectiveness and efficiency 


It is your right to be independent. It is your right to be passionate. It is your right to pursue your talent. It is your right to profit of the same digital advantages others do. 

We want to build a decentralized, usable and self-sustaining platform all the passionate people out there. We want to give you access to information, allow you to share and contribute with your experiences.

   Solutions in Ideation


The Solutions I am going to explore are meant for the greater mass of talented individuals with limited technological experience and restricted financial resources. The main target group are innovative people that want to build a business and around their passion; Service Music, Videos, Art, Articles, e-Books..

Digital Business Strategy

An easy solution on how to elaborate a well thought-out and solid business idea. A model and a procedure on how to build and run a Digital Business.

Digital Asset Portfolio

An reusable solution to keep track of your digital asset portfolio and properly plan the development and release of new  digital products. 

Digital Assets Marketing

An out-of-the-box toolkit that can be used to plan and implement your marketing strategy. 

Financial Planning

Continuosly evolve your Financial Intelligence and increase your Chash Flow. Keep track and adapt. 

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